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Volunteer at Sense of Home’s Warehouse

Individuals and small groups are needed for building furniture, organizing donations, and creating kits for new homes. Volunteer are needed Tuesday – Saturday from 9am – 4pm (2-hour minimum). By appointment only. For general inquiries, please contact

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Volunteer as a Warehouse Truck Loader for ASOH

ASOH is looking for 1-2 furniture/box movers to help load recipients’ new items onto their U-Haul! Forget the gym, join them for some feel-good fun! Volunteer hours are Thursday – Saturday from 11am – 1pm. By appointment only For general inquiries, please contact

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Donate to Create Homes for Former Foster Youth and Their Children

The need for a sense of home has never been more paramount. We have all become deeply aware that home is our safe haven. Home is everything. As we imagine families sleeping and eating on floors, our waitlist is growing at an alarming rate. Your donations help to continue to create homes for former foster youth and their children. Donate here:

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Sponsor a New Home for ASOH recipients

Virtual home sponsorships are available for individuals and small groups. Donate $7,000 or create your own fundraising campaign here and raise the $7,000 to sponsor a virtual home creation. You will receive a video of the beneficiary receiving their home creation and their words of appreciation for what goals will now be attainable thanks to the home that you made possible. The video can be dedicated to a loved one or a group of individuals.

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Prepare Welcome Baskets and Kits for ASOH Recipients

Prepare welcome baskets and kits for ASOH recipients.The kits and baskets are designed to serve a specific function or to be placed in a specific room of the home (for example, cooking kits, bathroom essentials kits, etc.). You can find a full list of baskets and kits that they create there here. Especially important is providing essential items for kids: clothing, shoes, school supplies, toys, and games. Click here to see how to create these kits. If interested, please contact us at

Host a Book Collection for A Sense of Home

ASOH is in need of culturally diverse books to create libraries of love in each home. To host a book drive, you can collect books from your community or you can create your own online campaign. Please refer to their Love Library for the young adults they serve here. And for the kids they serve please see the Love Library book list here. The Amazon book list for young adults can be found here. The Amazon book list for kids is here. When you do purchase any of these books, they ask that you also purchase one for ASOH and have it sent directly to their warehouse at 3457 West El Segundo Blvd., Unit A, Hawthorne, CA 90250. Contact us at

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A Sense of Home Needs Mindfullness and Wellness Instructors

Help give the gift of serenity. They are looking for volunteers to share their gifts and talents in dance, yoga and/or meditation – offering free zoom classes for ASOH beneficiaries and their children. If interested, please contact us at

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Join the Heart Team at A Sense of Home

Advocate by connecting ASOH with brand partners to advance their mission and scale so that they can serve more deserving young people. Generate funding from foundations or businesses. Dedicate yourself by inspiring individuals, families or businesses to sponsor home creations. Or join one of their expert advisory committees. Watch the their video on their volunteer page to learn about the great impact Team Heart has had.To get started, email

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Help Host a Collection for A Sense of Home

Donors of furniture and home goods serve as the starting point for everything ASOH; their entire inventory comes from individuals and businesses who donate home furnishings and supplies. Interested in hosting a donation drive? Learn more here.To get started, email

Help A Sense of Home Print and Frame Pictures

ASOH will send electronic photos that you will then print and place in frames. Framed photos can be delivered or shipped to the ASOH warehouse. This all happens within a two-week period. They highly encourage participants to plan ahead and hold a “frame drive” within your community. Join forces with local community members to gather beautiful frames to be filled with wonderful memories. Printed photos will be lovingly placed within frames, helping to make the recipient’s space truly feel like a home. If interested, please contact us at

Create Art for Homes or Host an Art Exhibit for A Sense of Home

Create and sell art, donating a portion of the proceeds to ASOH – much like Gianna Vargas and her “Shelter at Home” exhibit, that can be viewed here. If you’re interested in creating art or hosting an exhibit, please contact us at

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A Sense of Home is seeking Alternate Text Writers and Media Document Translators to volunteer their services. Join us and help create a lasting impact. If interested, please contact us at

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Provide Groceries and Recipes for ASOH Recipients

Buy $300 worth of groceries to last one family one month and inspire cooking, meal prepping, and yummy family dinners. Create a how-to video showcasing your favorite recipe using the ingredients found in the shopping list. Share your cooking video or a recipe, and challenge others using the hashtag #cookingconnected and tag @asenseofhomeorg for a chance to be featured!

Open Your Home to a Homeless College Student with Jovenes Inc.

Jovenes Inc. works with youth ages 18-25 end their cycle of homelessness. They work with youth focusing on not only their needs for housing, but also healthcare, education, employment and trauma recovery. You can contribute to their amazing work by hosting a college student! Host Homes are when individuals or families volunteer to open their home for up to 6 months to college students (ages 18-24) experiencing housing insecurities. Hosts create safe spaces where youth have a sense of belonging in our community and society. If you are 25+ years old and live in LA County, YOU can help fight youth homelessness by hosting college students in your home! If you are interested in becoming a host, please fill out the form on their website and the Host Homes Coordinator, Luana Coberg, will reach out to you shortly.