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Prepare Welcome Baskets and Kits for ASOH Recipients

Prepare welcome baskets and kits for ASOH recipients.The kits and baskets are designed to serve a specific function or to be placed in a specific room of the home (for example, cooking kits, bathroom essentials kits, etc.). You can find a full list of baskets and kits that they create there here. Especially important is providing essential items for kids: clothing, shoes, school supplies, toys, and games. Click here to see how to create these kits. If interested, please contact us at

Help Host a Collection for A Sense of Home

Donors of furniture and home goods serve as the starting point for everything ASOH; their entire inventory comes from individuals and businesses who donate home furnishings and supplies. Interested in hosting a donation drive? Learn more here.To get started, email

Help A Sense of Home Print and Frame Pictures

ASOH will send electronic photos that you will then print and place in frames. Framed photos can be delivered or shipped to the ASOH warehouse. This all happens within a two-week period. They highly encourage participants to plan ahead and hold a “frame drive” within your community. Join forces with local community members to gather beautiful frames to be filled with wonderful memories. Printed photos will be lovingly placed within frames, helping to make the recipient’s space truly feel like a home. If interested, please contact us at

Create Art for Homes or Host an Art Exhibit for A Sense of Home

Create and sell art, donating a portion of the proceeds to ASOH – much like Gianna Vargas and her “Shelter at Home” exhibit, that can be viewed here. If you’re interested in creating art or hosting an exhibit, please contact us at

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Provide Groceries and Recipes for ASOH Recipients

Buy $300 worth of groceries to last one family one month and inspire cooking, meal prepping, and yummy family dinners. Create a how-to video showcasing your favorite recipe using the ingredients found in the shopping list. Share your cooking video or a recipe, and challenge others using the hashtag #cookingconnected and tag @asenseofhomeorg for a chance to be featured!

Volunteer at Home Program and Create Hygiene Kits with Ascencia

Ascencia's Volunteer from Home Program was created in response to COVID-19, as a way to keep their volunteers engaged and connected to Ascencia. One way is to create hygiene kits. They are asking volunteers to purchase travel sized hygiene materials and assemble them into gallon sized Ziploc bags. Get a virtual group together to make hygiene kits for their clients and for their Outreach Team to distribute to individuals on the street. Hygiene kits include various travel sized toiletries including: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, toothpaste and toothbrushes (can be full sized), combs etc. Please label bags male or female.

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Host a Virtual Dinner for the Friendship Shelter

Due to COVID-19, the Friendship Shelter had to stop all in-person events and gatherings. However, that didn't stop the many volunteers and passionate supporters from helping them get the donations they needed! Check out their toolkit on how to host a virtual dinner party to fundraise on the Friendship Shelters behalf! It is fun with your friends and you all get to contribute to people getting permanent housing! Check out their website for more details and to download their toolkit!

Volunteer and Donate Wishlist Items to House of Ruth

If you have a desire to help women and children in need, there are a lot of ways you can get involved and make a positive difference. Volunteer and donate wishlist items to House of Ruth, who provide housing and resources for women and children homeless due to domestic violence. Some of their wishlist items include: Grocery Store Gift Cards, Amazon gift cards, non-perishable food (new items please), laundry Detergent and cleaning supplies, small appliances, baby supplies (new items please), furniture, and cell phones & computers. Send them an email to learn more!

Get Involved with Your Community with Imagine L.A

Imagine LA works to prevent first time and repeat homelessness by empowering people and families to maintain their housing. Consider volunteering with them and help support your community! There are many ways to volunteer, including becoming a family mentor and friend, where you partner with a family who either expierenced homelessness or was severely at risk and are now in stable housing and getting back on their feet. You can also serve as a general volunteer at any event or host donation drives for the organization. Either way, you can sign up on their website today!

Help Out at Laura’s House

Laura's House provides shelter and resources for women and children affected by domestic violence. Consider volunteering to help them with outreatch, event preparation, running their thrift store, or anything else that catches your eye! Volunteers age 16+ can volunteer independently in a Non-Direct Service Role and a Direct Service Role. All volunteers age 18+ in both Non-Direct and Direct-Client Services Roles will be required to complete a background check. You can even serve as an advocate after taking some training classes! For the volunteer form, and more information, visit their website here: