Dear Friends,

What an amazing month! For A Month of Big Sundays (MOBS!), we had all kinds of special events going on every single day of May.

It was so great to see thousands and thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds working together to make our communities cleaner, prettier, healthier, safer, and friendlier. Even better, we saw and felt that even in these divided and divisive times, most people want to work together to focus on what we share – and that we can accomplish so much more when we work together.

A million thanks to everyone who made this memorable month possible.

By the way: Please check out some of the many awesome photos from MOBS! Special thanks to these awesome photographers, too: Bill Devlin, Charlie Hess, Joel Lipton, Jack Levinson and David Pelon (and his daughter) and Jessica Pons, and , of course all the amazing and hardworking project captains and volunteers.

Of course, there will be lots more going on at Big Sunday, all summer long. In fact, we’ve discovered that so many people want to help in so many ways that we’re introducing our first-ever The Summer List, with more than 100 ways to help out in June, July and August! (Check it out!)

Thanks again from all of us at Big Sunday, and we hope to see you again soon.

As always,

David, Berenice, Rob, Beenish, David, Tamara, Gian and Alan

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What a Month!