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A Sense of Home Needs Mindfullness and Wellness Instructors

Help give the gift of serenity. They are looking for volunteers to share their gifts and talents in dance, yoga and/or meditation – offering free zoom classes for ASOH beneficiaries and their children. If interested, please contact us at

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Join the Heart Team at A Sense of Home

Advocate by connecting ASOH with brand partners to advance their mission and scale so that they can serve more deserving young people. Generate funding from foundations or businesses. Dedicate yourself by inspiring individuals, families or businesses to sponsor home creations. Or join one of their expert advisory committees. Watch the their video on their volunteer page to learn about the great impact Team Heart has had.To get started, email

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Casa Libre Mentorship Program

Looking to make a difference in the world? Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law, Inc. Your participation at Casa Libre allows them to better serve their community and assist those in great need. Note: will require a background check. They are looking for Academic Tutoring in the following: ESL -High School Math- High School Science- High School History. Creative Workshops in Painting/Fine Art, Graphic Design, Photography, Cinema, Music, Cooking, Writing and more. Sports coaching in Surfing, Hiking, Snowboarding, Soccer, Swimming and more. Field Trips to Sporting Events, ​Museums, Movies, Cultural Performances, Tours and more. ***​Most of our residents speak Spanish as their first language, so Spanish fluency is helpful, but not required for mentors*** If interested then Please fill out the Volunteer Form here:

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Provide Job Training and Job Placement for Casa Libre

Job Training/Job Placement for their residents is often need to earn a living right after graduating high school and transitioning out of Casa Libre once they turn 18 years old. Hands-on training in a work environment is one of the best tools for success and a secure job is even better as they begin to navigate life as an adult. ​***Please note: All mentors will require a background check.***​Most of our residents speak Spanish as their first language, so Spanish fluency is helpful, but not required for mentors*** If interested then Please fill out the Volunteer Form here:

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Build Community with Sycamores Child and Family Services

Sycamores provides behavioral services and care and support for families, children, and young adults. They have an amazing set of programs but could always use a little help from the community. Fill out their volunteer form online to let them know what kind of volunteering you would like to do, and they will assign you accordingly. You can plant a garden, throw a party, fix up a cottage or participate in another rewarding project that will make a difference for their clients. You can mentor, tutor, or befriend a client as well as help out at their many events.

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Get Social with People with Differing Needs at the JFSLA

Get chatty on Zoom with Jewish Family Service LA's members of Chaverim. Chaverim is JFSLA's social program for adults with developmental disabilities, and you might be the perfect candidate to lead zoom activities for this program. You will need to be available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with the occational Sunday. Fill out a volunteer application on their website:

Open Your Home to a Homeless College Student with Jovenes Inc.

Jovenes Inc. works with youth ages 18-25 end their cycle of homelessness. They work with youth focusing on not only their needs for housing, but also healthcare, education, employment and trauma recovery. You can contribute to their amazing work by hosting a college student! Host Homes are when individuals or families volunteer to open their home for up to 6 months to college students (ages 18-24) experiencing housing insecurities. Hosts create safe spaces where youth have a sense of belonging in our community and society. If you are 25+ years old and live in LA County, YOU can help fight youth homelessness by hosting college students in your home! If you are interested in becoming a host, please fill out the form on their website and the Host Homes Coordinator, Luana Coberg, will reach out to you shortly.