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Serve Community Dinner with the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition

Serving at a community dinner is a wonderful expierence with the Hollywood Food Coalition. The volunteers at a community dinner are a connection to the community. They are asking for meal service volunteers to be comfortable around the vulnerable guests and be able and willing to chat, answer questions, and direct them to the lead volunteer for information about additional services. When you volunteer, you may be the only person who is friendly and kind to a guest all day. Sign up on their website today!

Volunteer and Donate Wishlist Items to House of Ruth

If you have a desire to help women and children in need, there are a lot of ways you can get involved and make a positive difference. Volunteer and donate wishlist items to House of Ruth, who provide housing and resources for women and children homeless due to domestic violence. Some of their wishlist items include: Grocery Store Gift Cards, Amazon gift cards, non-perishable food (new items please), laundry Detergent and cleaning supplies, small appliances, baby supplies (new items please), furniture, and cell phones & computers. Send them an email to learn more!

Get Involved with Your Community with Imagine L.A

Imagine LA works to prevent first time and repeat homelessness by empowering people and families to maintain their housing. Consider volunteering with them and help support your community! There are many ways to volunteer, including becoming a family mentor and friend, where you partner with a family who either expierenced homelessness or was severely at risk and are now in stable housing and getting back on their feet. You can also serve as a general volunteer at any event or host donation drives for the organization. Either way, you can sign up on their website today!

Help Homelessness and Poverty in the Inland Empire with Inland Valley Hope Partners

If you're looking for a way to give forward to people expierencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness in the Inland Empire, than Inland Valley Hope Partners is for you! They provide a plethora of resources for community members in the I.E, and are always looking for volunteers to help. Sign up through their website to volunteer and learn more about what kinds of opportunitites they have for you!

Distribute Food with JFSLA

Work with the Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles and distribute food to community members in Van Nuys and Pico/Robertson! They have many different distribution centers and different times, so check out their website and fill out and volunteer application to get started!

Open Your Home to a Homeless College Student with Jovenes Inc.

Jovenes Inc. works with youth ages 18-25 end their cycle of homelessness. They work with youth focusing on not only their needs for housing, but also healthcare, education, employment and trauma recovery. You can contribute to their amazing work by hosting a college student! Host Homes are when individuals or families volunteer to open their home for up to 6 months to college students (ages 18-24) experiencing housing insecurities. Hosts create safe spaces where youth have a sense of belonging in our community and society. If you are 25+ years old and live in LA County, YOU can help fight youth homelessness by hosting college students in your home! If you are interested in becoming a host, please fill out the form on their website and the Host Homes Coordinator, Luana Coberg, will reach out to you shortly.

Help Out at Laura’s House

Laura's House provides shelter and resources for women and children affected by domestic violence. Consider volunteering to help them with outreatch, event preparation, running their thrift store, or anything else that catches your eye! Volunteers age 16+ can volunteer independently in a Non-Direct Service Role and a Direct Service Role. All volunteers age 18+ in both Non-Direct and Direct-Client Services Roles will be required to complete a background check. You can even serve as an advocate after taking some training classes! For the volunteer form, and more information, visit their website here:

Support Ending the Cycle of Homelessness with Lighthouse Social Service Center

Support Lighthouse Social Service Center's goal of ending the cycle of homelessness through volunteering! They provide comprehensive resources for folks at-risk or expierencing homelessness and give them the opportunitity to find and sustain permanent housing. Volunteers make all this work possible by helping out where they can! Currently, Lighthouse needs help in the following areas: social Media Support, fundraisers, interns, mentors, special Events, community outreach, and volunteer guest speakers. Visit their website to fill out the volunteer application form today!

Help Distribute Food with the LA Food Bank

Since 1973, the Los Angeles Food Bank has been providing those without access to consistent healthy and nutrious meals options to not go hungry. They serve around 800,000 people in Los Angeles County DAILY, and are only able to do that with the force of their 15,000 or so volunteers. Sign up for their volunteer opportunitites today! Visit their website to register for the day that works best for you!

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