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Donate to Support The Salvation Army – Ventura

The Salvation Army Ventura exists to meet human need wherever, whenever and however they can. When you give locally, you ensure that the people in this community get the help they need. To donate, visit:!/donation/checkout

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Donate to Support San Diego Mission

Since 1955, the San Diego Rescue Mission has been providing meals, shelter, clothing, education and job-skills training for men, women, and women with children experiencing homelessness. What’s the best gift you can give? A gift that gives back! Provide a hot, nourishing meal for someone who’s hungry for just $2.05. During such a challenging time filled with illness, unemployment and other hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, so many people in our community are struggling. Today, you have an opportunity to bring them hope through the hot meals, safe shelter and life-restoring guidance your gift provides at the San Diego Rescue Mission. Please give now! Share healing and hope with those in need in San Diego County. To donate, visit:

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Donate to Support Shields for Families

Shields for Families invite you to join the SHIELDS family in making a difference when you donate today! Shields for Families is extremely grateful for their SHIELDS generous supporters for their investment in their families and for believing that they can overcome whatever challenges they are facing while building a foundation of hope through acquiring new skills and the support needed to accomplish their goals as they are becoming nurturing parents and productive members of the community. To donate, visit:

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Donate to Support The Pico Union Project

Consider making a much appreciated and needed donation to The Pico Union Project! By supporting The Pico Union Project, tehy can continue to provide services and programs to people in need. Whether through the distribution of free fresh produce, planting gardens and trees, mentoring High School students or assisting our homeless neighbors, the Project is deeply committed to be a source of light for all. To donate, visit:

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Donate to Support Westside Food Bank

Contributing to Westside Food Bank's hunger relief efforts! The need for food assistance was already at a record high when COVID-19 forced tens of thousands of additional households into food insecurity. Now, even more are reaching out for help because of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Westside Food Bank commits to investing around 80% of every donated dollar directly to their hunger relief work. Your gift helps them keep up the pace. As a result, they provide nutritious food for over 200,000 individuals in need and their families with the help of well over 55 member agencies throughout their service area. Westside Food Bank collaborates with a host of community coalitions and multi-sector partners to strengthen the food assistance network on a large scale. Your support allows them to continue their work! To donate, visit:

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